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John Tiller Software has been developing quality computer wargames for both commercial and military customers since 1995. In that time, John Tiller Software has developed over 80 commercial wargames and successfully performed over 20 research and development contracts for the Air Force and Navy. Wargames developed by John Tiller Software have received many awards including Wargame of the Year from industry media on multiple occasions. In military education, over 21,000 officers of the United States Air Force have used John Tiller Software's Modern Air Power in the Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base. Wargames developed by John Tiller Software are known for both their user-friendliness and accuracy. They cover the range of military conflict from the time of the musket and pike to present day and the future.

Panzer Campaigns Gold Releases Continue

Kursk '43 is the next title to be upgraded to the new Gold standard. Further details can be read on the product page. Existing owners please see the Updates page.

Previous releases include Rzhev '42 Minsk '44, Kharkov '42, Moscow '42, Stalingrad '42, Smolensk '41 & the Demo - Mius '43.

Various titles marked down

We have marked down a variety of titles in our store to $29.95, representing 8 different series we publish. See the product group "Sale Items" for a detailed listing.

Campaign Petersburg released!

The latest addition to the Civil War Battles series of games is here! This also marks the initial release of the Wargame Design Studio versions of the Civil War Battles games. Further details can be read on the product page.

New page added to the site, Resources & FAQ

Resources & FAQ page has been published to assist our customers. Also, please note that the free download content previously on the "Updates" page has been moved to the new Resources page.

Civil War Battle Updates Available

Update 2.01 for Campaign Atlanta, Peninsula & Vicksburg are available for download.

First World War 1.02 Update Available

Update 1.02 for First World War is available for download.

Panzer Battles Demo released!

Free Demo - The Panzer Battles Demo is an introduction to the Panzer Battles franchise. This Demo is intended to showcase the diversity of situations the game system can handle. Further details can be read on the product page.

JTS Menu Update Available

1.02 of the menu program is available for download. Additionally, a package of various backgrounds for the Menu program has been added. These downloads are available from the Updates page, under "Other Downloads".

John Tiller Software Menu Program Released!

A free download of a new menu program for John Tiller Software games has been released. This menu program should be installed in the same root folder you install your John Tiller Software games. It will provide you with an interface for browsing and opening all files and programs associated with your installed games. This menu program will be particularly useful for Windows 10 users since installations under Windows 10 do not include the game folder in the Start menu. The download is available from the Updates page, under "Other Downloads".

Modern Air Power SPV Update Available

An update to the Single Player Version of Modern Air Power is available. In addition to previous support for High Power Microwave, this version adds scenarios covering High Energy Lasers, hypersonic aircraft, and E-Bombs. All platforms have been updated including Windows, Macintosh, Android, Kindle, and iPad. More information can be found on the Modern Air Power page.

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